Be part of the ceremony.

Our Mezcales, directly from Oaxaca, Mexico.

We invested over a year to be able to deliver a highly authentic product to our customers that we ensure will not disappoint.

Our Mezcales are all handcrafted and produced under traditional methods in the state of Oaxaca, the capital of Mezcal. 

Buying our products allows us to continue to invest time, effort, and money into these beautiful, humble region. 

We know it can be tough to choose the right Mezcal - so, we made a little guide for you.


The Team behind.

Matthias was born and raised in Mexico. After several years in Germany he wanted to share one of his favourite spirits with his friends. To offer "the real thing" he took it upon himself to deliver the best product by importing it to Hamburg. Now he wants to share it throughout Europe.  

Sören studied together with Matthias and after joining him for a trip to Mexico he was blown away by the country and its offerings. Especially Oaxaca and the Mezcal tradition the region has to offer was too good to be true. Now, alongside Matthias he follows the same dream to share this amazing spirit.

Why we love what we are doing.

Alma Libre is all about authenticity. We strive to deliver the finest traditional taste Mezcal has to offer. 


Alma Libre stands for the freedom and simplicity the Oaxacan fields represent. We capture these characteristics and deliver them to our handcrafted Mezcal for the benefit of our customers. 

Our ultimate goal is to be the first sustainable conscious and socially aware Mezcal brand in the world. These already include fair wages, organic farming, and social projects. 

By buying our products you support local families and give us the possibility to increase our reach to do more good. 

For more information contact us we will happily get in touch with you. 

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