We invested over a year to be able to deliver a highly authentic product to our customers that we ensure will not disappoint.

Our Mezcales are all handcrafted and produced under traditional methods in the state of Oaxaca, the capital of Mezcal. 

Buying our products allows us to continue to invest time, effort, and money into these beautiful, humble region. 

Alma Fuego

Alma Fuego is our flagship Mezcal. It is one of the most mild, sweet, delicious Mezcal you will ever taste. It is truly perfect for beginners and experts alike. Perfect as a gift for that special person in your life. 


Be sure to try it in different settings!

Alma Tierra

Tierra as in Earth this Mezcal brings a whole new dimension into the game. The mossy, earthy, and mineral flavours will make you feel as if you woke up in the woods after a rainy day with only positive vibes to look out for in the day. 


Either as a gift or for your own recreation worth a try. 

Alma Especial

Our Alma Especial is actually our delicious Alma Fuego, but part of a social project we created with local artisans of the region. Each bottle is unique and hand painted! The artisans are paid fairly and our ultimate goal is to return part of the earnings as donations to the community. 


Every bottle is unique! Perfect for design lovers and colorful people.